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Stake Holders
Media Policy Briefing: Vol 3

The Secretariat/Coordinator
Nigeria Community Radio Coalition (NCRC)
c/o Institute for Media and Society
3, Emina Crescent,
Off Toyin Street,
P.O.Box 16181
Ikeja, Lagos,Nigeria.
Phone: +234 1- 8102261;
+234 803 307 9828;


•PART A:The Picture of Radio Broadcasting Landscape Introduction - read

•PART A:History - read

•PART A:Governance Enviroment - read

•PART A:Technology and Infrastructure - read

•PART A:Content/Programming - read

•PART A:Management - read

•PART A:Gender - read

•PART A:Sustainability - read

•PART A:Research and Training - read

•PART B:Demands of Stake Holders:Section 1:Concepts and Definition - read

•PART B:Section 2:The Environment(Policy,Regulation&Legislation) - read

•PART B:Section 3:Technology and Infrastructure - read

•PART B:Section 4:Content/Programming - read

•PART B:Section 6:Gender - read

•PART B:Section 7:Funding/Sustainability - read

•PART B:Section 8:Management - read

•Appendix A :Laws Proposed for Repeal - read

•Appendix B :Laws Proposed for Amendment - read

•Appendix C :Bill Proposed for Passage/Assent into Law - read

•Appendix D :International Instruments Proposed for Domestication in Policy/Legislation/Regulation - read

•Appendix E :African Charter on Broadcasting - read

•Part One:General Regulatory Issues - read

•Part Two:Public Service Broadcasting - read

•Part Three:Community Broadcasting - read

•Part Four:Telecommunications and Convergence - read

•Part Five:Implementation - read


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