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Media Policy Briefing: Vol 3

The Secretariat/Coordinator
Nigeria Community Radio Coalition (NCRC)
c/o Institute for Media and Society
3, Emina Crescent,
Off Toyin Street,
P.O.Box 16181
Ikeja, Lagos,Nigeria.
Phone: +234 1- 8102261;
+234 803 307 9828;


We are a community of citizens and organizations committed to deepening development, to advancing pluralism of media and communication, to advocating emergence of a sustainable community radio sector in Nigeria.

In November 2003, we launched the Initiative on Building Community Radio in Nigeria which carried the message of Community Radio Development to all parts of the country and placed the agenda of media policy, legislative and regulatory reforms on the tables of appropriate government agencies.

In April 2005, the initiative gave birth to the Community Radio Coalition (CRC), the umbrella body for community radio development activities in Nigeria.

Today, the coalition has, within its fold, about 500 organizations and individuals located in different parts of the country and the diaspora.

Welcome to the Nigeria Community Radio Coalition: the gathering of men, women, organizations who passionately believe in community radio and are working to actualize its emergence and sustenance in Nigeria as a serious program.


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